MetroBPS Offers Its Merchants a New Program from American Express

New Program’s Lower Rates, Faster Funding Will Encourage More Businesses to Accept AMEX

RONKONKOMA, NEW YORK — MetroBPS has announced that the company has joined the American Express OptBlue program. This new program will allow MetroBPS merchants to receive funds from AmEx transactions as quickly as those from MasterCard, Visa and Discover while paying lower transaction fees.

OptBlue gives merchants the opportunity to accept payments from customers using an American Express card. The new program’s tiered rate system will be similar to that provided by Visa, MasterCard and Discover. OptBlue will feature a three-tiered system that is based on the size of the transaction and the business category (retail, restaurant, business to business, healthcare, non-profits, professional services, travel and entertainment). The new program will allow MetroBPS customers to reduce credit card transaction costs, while offering an additional form of payment to increase sales. In addition, all credit card fees will be listed on one consolidated statement, which cuts down on the merchants’ paperwork.

“The American Express OptBlue program is a significant one because it addresses some of the issues we have heard from years from merchants regarding AMEX. Merchants will benefit from the reduced costs and faster funding. American Express will also benefit from the additional transactions that will result from more merchants accepting the card and not encouraging customers to use the other forms of payment,” says Chad Horal, Chief Executive, MetroBPS.

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About MetroBPS
MetroBPS (Metropolitan Business Payment Solutions) supplies merchant locations with the ability to accept any form of electronic payment with an all-inclusive solution which offers their customers an extensive list of products and services while dealing with only one processing provider. The company’s experienced sales staff and business alliance program partners work to bring its merchants to the next level in processing all types of electronic transactions, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit, EBT, and private label card. For more information, call (800) 942-7970 or visit

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