Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal and Business Information

If you choose to submit an application to open an account for any of the services offered by us, or have already chosen to do so, you will be providing, or have already provided, information about yourself and/or your business to us. We take the confidentiality of your personal and business information very seriously. We do not collect information from you unless you provide it to us in connection with your application for a service or product we offer, and the information provided to us is used for the purposes of considering, underwriting, approving and setting up your account for the product or service you requested. If we are unable to provide you with the service or product for which you have applied, all information is destroyed. In addition, from time to time we may use certain information you provide to us to contact you about other products or services we offer, or our business partners offer, that may be of interest to you. If you do not want us or our business partners to contact you about such other products or services, please send an email to Please make sure to provide us with your business name, city, state, and merchant identification number (MID) if applicable. If you have multiple accounts with us, identify each account for which you are opting out. We will promptly honor any such request received at this email address.

Linking to Other Sites

Remember that when you link to another site from this site, we do not control that linked site and our Privacy Policy does not apply to the linked site. Your use of other sites is subject to those sites’ own terms of use and/or privacy policies, which you should review before browsing those sites.